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Gautam Buddha - दान पुण्य   -   charity   - Hindi Video
Gautam Buddha  - Book - Dhammapada - 009- धम्मपद -  Philosophy - दान पुण्य  -    charity -
Appo Deepo Bhava - एस धम्‍मो सनंतनो - प्रवचन -09
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धर्म  का  सार  हे  दान
दान   से  अर्थ  धन  का ही  दान  नहीं
दान  का अर्थ  हे
जो  हे जिस के पास  दे   ........    बाटे  रोके  नहीं
ज्ञान  हे तो ज्ञान दे
शक्ति  हे तो शक्ति दे
गीत  हे तो  गीत  बाटे
क्योकि  बाटने  सेही
आत्मा  उपलब्ध  होती  हे
जो जितना रोकता
हे उतना ही रुक  जाता  हे
रोक  नेमे  रुक  जाना  हे
देने  में  फैलाव  हे

एस धम्‍मो सनंतनो  प्रवचन  009 

Audio - Book 

is a Sanskrit and Pali word that connotes the virtue of generosity, charity or giving of alms in Indian philosophies.It has also been spelled as Daana
Dāna (Sanskrit: दान) means giving, often in the context of donation and charity. In other contexts, such as rituals, it can simply refer to the act of giving something.Dāna is related to and mentioned in ancient texts with concepts of Paropakāra (परोपकार) which means benevolent deed, helping others;Dakshina (दक्षिणा) which means gift or fee one can afford;and Bhiksha (भिक्षा), which means alms.

Dāna has been defined in traditional texts as any action of relinquishing the ownership of what one considered or identified as one's own, and investing the same in a recipient without expecting anything in return.

While dāna is typically given to one person or family, Hinduism also discusses charity or giving aimed at public benefit, sometimes called utsarga. This aims at larger projects such as building a rest house, school, drinking water or irrigation well, planting trees, and building care facility among others

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